on-line time tracking solution is a time management, timesheet, time tracking solution. It enables you to track your work time, projects you work on and tasks you perform. It is web based and can be used from any location at any time.

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Please note that this is the old My Hours service which is no longer actively developed or supported. The site will stay online but we kindly invite you to register a new account on the new service at which runs on state of the art servers and has been rebuilt using the web's latest technologies.
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Track your work, your private projects, calculate costs, send reports by email and more. Follow 3 easy steps to start time tracking:
1. Create an account
2. Setup your projects and tasks
3. Start time tracking
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Have direct access to your employees' time tracking data, know how much time is spent on company's projects, who worked longest hours and more.

 AllHours Online Time & Attendance
Automate data collection, time calculation and reporting with AllHours our online Time & Attendance service.

Personal Accounts are completely free to use! Currently, Company Accounts are also completely free! More...

Why use web service like
myHours is web-based. All you need is Internet access and a web browser. There is no need for any hardware or software installation. No maintenance and upgrading needed at your side.
Instant start of using myHours.
Subscribe on-line and start using the service at the same moment. myHours works on the Internet and can be used from any location at any time.


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