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Company Account gives you access to all your employees' time tracking data. Run timesheet, group-by and pivot reports. Email data or export to Excel. Calculate costs on client, project, task or person basis. myHours is web based and can be used from any location at any time.

Company projects and tasks

When you have your Company Account, the first thing to do is to add the company's projects and tasks. This is necessary because every employee has his own projects and tasks, which are later in process connected to the company's.

Connect your employees

Connect your employees to your Company Account. In this step you make a connection between your employees' Personal Accounts and your Company Account.

Employees map projects and tasks

Employees map their projects and tasks to the company's. Because employees have their projects and tasks defined which are probably different from the company's, they need to map those to the company's projects and tasks. They can also simply copy projects and tasks from company.


Now you have access to your employees' data. You can run different reports to get time-tracking data by employees, projects, tasks... Reports can be printed, exported to Excel or sent by e-mail.


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